How to Stop Procrastinating on Social Media

Sep 12, 2017

Posted by Boardlerts

In today's world we have a lot of different types of technologies and devices available to keep us entertained and engrossed in something or another. With the advent in technology, more and more people are becoming aware of the uses of different types of website and social media platforms.

Social media platforms in particular are the most popular places where most online users go to. People flock to these popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc in numbers and spend most of their time and energy browsing and reading feed. Reddit is also a very popular place for online users. Procrastinating on these social media sites can be pretty harmful to you if it is taking away all your essential time to do and manage other vital stuff in your life. It starts to hamper your normal day to day activities and soon you find yourself stressed out and with little or no time left for other activities in your life. This can become very dangerous for you if it is not curbed at the early stages.

In this blog post we share some tips on how to stop procrastinating on social media and effectively manage your time spent online. Read on to find out more.

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Procrastinating and Social Media

Social media sites can become pretty addictive. Minutes can turn into hours and we often find that we have spent our valuable time on these web sites. Procrastinating is a habit and habits can easily be rectified with discipline and motivation. Distractibility, aversion and impulsiveness are common types of procrastination. Although the habit of procrastinating forms due to your own actions, they can easily be changed with a little bit of effort and time management. We mention some useful tips down below which will help you to curb your habit of procrastinating and also get more work done. You also learn how to effectively manage your schedules and allow yourself to use social media as a reward for completion of all your work.

Establishing a Daily Routine

A daily routine helps you to effectively carry out all your activities in time. It helps you and your body to enter into a mechanism which slowly turns into a good habit. A solid and well prepared daily routine will also allow you to take care of extra activities in your life and will also leave you time for more. You should endeavour to set up a routine which works the best for you. Take into account details like the time you get up in the morning, the time you spend at the office or working, the time you have your meals and the time you go to bed. Try to incorporate productive work in your routine which allows you to get more work done in a day. Sticking to your routine is important and you have to stay motivated and consistent. A daily routine goes a long way in establishing the foundations for your future. 

Stop the Habit of Multitasking 

We all love to multitask as we feel that we get more work done that way. However multitasking can be actually bad for you and takes away your focus from that particular activity. When you are working, close all your social media tabs and any unnecessary websites open in your browser if you need to use the internet. Our brain is less productive and efficient when we multitask. Learn to concentrate on the task at hand and you will find that you are getting more work done and your work quality is improving also. 

Turn off Notifications on Electronic Devices

Pop up messages and notifications can be a major distraction for you when you are working. Turn off notifications for Facebook, SnapChat, and other social media platforms on your phone or laptop and focus on the task at hand. Try to fight the urge of checking your messages or feed. Take deep breaths and drink water if you feel you are about to fail.

Plan for the Next Day the Night Before

Every night before you sleep try to establish a plan for the next day. Preparing well in advance for the day ahead helps a lot in your habit of procrastinating. Your brain has a plan ready to carry out and helps you to be more productive the next day. Also before you go to sleep clean your workplace. This helps your brain to adjust and fall into your daily schedule easily. A messed up workplace will send negative signals of stress to the brain.

Learn to Meditate and Calm Your Mind

Your brain fails to function properly when it is under a lot of stress. Mediation helps you to calm your mind and control your thoughts. It is also effective against dealing with stress. A calm mind will allow you to focus more on your activities and make it easy for you to carry them out. Mediation also teaches your mind on how to stop procrastinating on social media sites. It is an effective way of controlling your emotions and thoughts. Meditation is also widely acclaimed by many successful personalities.

Use Social Media for Rewarding Yourself

You can also effectively control the way you consume and view content on social media sites. Curb the urge of looking through your profiles on social media sites and use them as a reward instead for getting work done. You can also use them when you are relaxing or taking a break. It is important that you learn to reward yourself for each of your accomplishments. It helps you to stay motivated in your schedule.


Procrastinating is a bad habit which when not curbed can become a threat for your success and career. Like all bad habits, you can successfully curb your habit of procrastinating and have an efficient and effective daily day to day schedule. The level of technology and its advancements today have brought vast improvements in our life. However these boons may soon become dangerous for us if we do not learn how to use and regulate social media in our lives. We have to responsible enough to handle our distractions and get our work done.

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