Boardlerts: An Email Newsletter Service

Sep 04, 2017

Posted by Boardlerts

Hello, world!

Boardlerts is a service that sends posts you care about directly to your inbox. Currently, it supports posts from Reddit and HackerNews.

The idea for Boardlerts came about when I realised that there were many subreddits and boards that I was interested in but never really followed closely, mostly because I forgot or just didn't have the time to. Boardlerts solves this problem - it emails me a summary of the posts I'm interested in, saving me time and effort to monitor these subreddits or boards.

Everyday at 8am and 9pm, I receive clean emails showing me the top posts from HackerNews and some subreddits I follow. It’s great because I don’t spend all day refreshing these sites, yet manage to catch up on more important news.

So far, I've really liked receiving my Boardlerts emails, and I hope you will too.